Should I Lay Asphalt Over My Concrete Driveway?

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This is a question that our personnel hear often, and so in this blog we will try to address the question and explain why, in our professional opinion, it is better not to lay an asphalt surface over the top of an existing concrete one.

Here’s why…

First off, it is possible to lay an asphalt driveway over a concrete one which is already laid and it is something we see often, when we come to do maintenance and other work on customers’ driveways. But it is not something that we would endorse ourselves.


One of the reasons people choose asphalt is because of its longevity. But if you want your asphalt driveway to be in with a really good chance of staying the distance, then you can’t afford to skimp on anything.

And with the cost of your new driveway estimated to be somewhere in the region of just over five grand, it really isn’t going to be something you want to repeat in a hurry.


The key to a long lasting and hard-wearing asphalt driveway is preparation. The preparation needs to be done correctly.

For asphalt, it is crucial that the foundations are strong or the driveway will crack and suffer.

When you lay concrete, the base may not be as important to the person laying it. In order to get the strength, the contractor will simply put down a thicker and stronger concrete slab. This means that they haven’t really addressed the issue of the base particularly.

However, the strength of the base is crucial to the success of your asphalt driveway.


If you don’t know what is underneath your existing concrete structure, then how do you know if it is strong enough to adequately support your new asphalt driveway?

Answer – you don’t. You simply don’t know what is underneath there, without it being dug up and broken first.

Removing the concrete driveway or surfacing is the only way of being sure before laying your asphalt driveway.


Although we can never promise that your asphalt driveway will never crack or need maintenance, if it has been laid over the top of concrete, no one can give you any guarantee that it will ever be okay.

The best way of insuring yourself against any future repair costs is to dig out the concrete and check the quality of the foundations.

Yes, this will cost more in the first instance, but we think it will save on the costs of repairs eventually.