Maintaining Your Parking Lot To Perfection

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As asphalt paving contractors, we do a lot of maintenance and repairing of parking lots. But there are times that we might have been able to save our customers some money if they had done things differently the first time around!

Here are some expert tips, from, for before and after you have installed your asphalt parking lot!


One problem we see a lot is when a parking lot has been laid without first inspecting or checking the supporting structure.

If you are applying asphalt to a surface that is weak or with bad drainage, then your parking lot is in for a bumpy ride – maybe literally!

To ensure that you are not hitting problems too soon on, make sure the driveway paving contractors have checked the foundations for the suitability of the soil and that it is up to scratch. Because if it is not, it can be removed and replaced with a high quality soil.


Another consideration, before you even lay your asphalt, is what sort of usage is it going to have. Is the parking lot going to see a lot of heavy usage, with heavy goods vehicles pulling in and out?

The amount of action it is going to see determines how thickly to lay the asphalt.

Obviously, by the time you are coming to look at its maintenance, it might be a bit late for this, but then again, the asphalt can always be re laid or added to again.


One of our asphalt paving contractor’s top tips to maintaining your driveway is always keep it clean.

This means sweeping and making sure that the lot is as clear as possible from leaves, debris, stones, rocks and any other type of dirt.

As well as making it look better, it stops debris being liable to penetrate the base of the asphalt and then let water trickle into it, when it rains.

Also, if you get in the habit of cleaning the asphalt, then you will soon spot any cracks or fissures in the surfacing.

As well as keeping the road and parking lot clear of debris, you also want to keep the drains and basins clear, because this can also cause you problems with standing water damaging your road and parking lot surfacing.


As we have mentioned, you also want to keep your asphalt road or lot dry, as well as clean.

Pooling water is one of the worst things that can happen to asphalt and so this means clearing away the snow and ice from your lot, as soon as it hits. If this means hiring a snow plow, then we say do it!

Remember to keep the road clear of puddles and any other source of water this winter.


If you do spot a crack, and the chances unfortunately are that you will do at some point, the most important thing is to treat it quickly.

The smaller it is, the easier it can be filled. Although you can do this job yourself, you might want to get a professional to fill them for you.


Oil is also not the friend of your asphalt parking lot. And because it is likely to happen at some point, be quick to mop any spills up!


Don’t neglect your lines and stripes in your parking lot, to keep it in tip top condition.

Have them regularly repainted, not just so everyone knows where to park, but to keep the place looking spic and span.